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The Unparalleled Value of IT Certification

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The Unparalleled Value of IT Certification

Information Technology (IT) is a fast-paced industry, and staying up to date on the latest tech knowledge can be challenging. This results in a high demand for professionals with advanced and specialized skills in the latest technologies in order for businesses to keep up. The value of IT certification is thus becoming exponentially greater and offers more benefits than ever before.

Whether you are seeking out a new position, a promotion, or are simply interested in gaining a new set of skills, more and more individuals are seeking out IT certification. The latest survey conducted by Pearson VUE revealed:

     88% of IT professionals would recommend certification to a colleague

     25% experienced a benefit from certification immediately

     25% received a salary increase after receiving certification

You can read the full survey results here, but read on to explore the professional and personal benefits you can enjoy through the unparalleled value of IT certification.

Personal & Professional Benefits

The value of IT certification stems from the increase in internet transfer and storage of files and sensitive information, leading to a stronger need for security from competent IT professionals. Combine that with the development of specific technology-based systems across several industries, and a validated IT expert can prove extremely helpful.

Earning your certification allows you to master your skills through educational tools as well as demonstrate your expertise in your position. You will gain credibility, establish yourself as motivated to grow, and continue to strengthen your competitiveness in a challenging and constantly changing industry.

Earning, receiving and maintaining IT certification provides for continued success in your career with the potential bonus of job flexibility. You will gain the knowledge and special skills associated with areas such as networking, servers, cybersecurity, network management, project and program management, data warehousing and analytics, and a variety of other areas. You will also be encouraged to continue seeking out new skills and knowledge through additional certifications.

In the same survey conducted by Pearson VUE, 74% of IT professionals expressed they would like to continue seeking out specialized certifications to continue furthering their careers and opportunities.

Benefits of Self-Study Learning Materials

Earning IT certification can be completed around your schedule; self-study materials are available that allow testing candidates to prepare for the exam on their own time. A vast majority of those seeking certifications are interested in either Microsoft or Oracle materials, both of which have an abundance of options available ranging from Microsoft practice exams to managing cloud services.

90% of candidates use self-study materials to prepare for their exam, and 77% said that their materials played an important role in passing their exam and giving them the confidence they needed to succeed. Self-study materials allow test takers to study and prepare at their own pace, practice taking the exam, and achieve higher exam scores.

Of all the benefits that IT certification offers, the biggest is a positive impact on one’s professional confidence. IT professionals that receive their certification report that they more successfully perform difficult tasks, have received improved feedback in performance reviews, and have felt more confident in taking on management responsibilities.

All signs are pointing employers toward placing a strong importance on the validation of skills. A certified employee has higher marketability and produces higher quality work, thus leading to more customers and a stronger bottom line. 

The demand for certified professionals continues to grow and change the landscape of business as we know it. Hone your skills, showcase your abilities, and get the job you deserve. Those with IT certification have a golden ticket to a long and successful career.


*Dawn Vierow is a marketing manager for Pearson VUE and the mindhub IT Certification Marketplace.