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Meet Our Team

Brad Konik, President

Brad Konik joined Konik PrimeStaff in 1997 after graduating from Harvard University. While at Harvard, Brad played hockey and was the 100th captain of the team. Prior to joining Konik PrimeStaff, Brad played one year of professional hockey for the Providence Bruins (Boston Bruins minor league team). In 1998, he became Operations Manager at Konik PrimeStaff and in 2000 he acquired the company from his father and took on the role of President.

In that role, Brad is responsible for business development and the day-to-day operations of the business. He strives to carry on his father's vision of establishing long-term client and employee relationships. He is a member of the Minnesota Recruiting and Staffing Association and previously served as its co-legislative director. He is also on the Program Advisory Committee at Dunwoody College.

Brad and his wife, Erin, live in Lakeville, Minnesota, with their two boys. Brad is active coaching hockey and sits on the Lakeville Hockey Association Board. As a family, they enjoy time at the cabin, golfing, fishing and boating.

Tom Goettl, Vice President

Tom graduated from Winona State University in 1997 and has worked in staffing and recruiting for the past 20 years. He joined Konik PrimeStaff in 1998 as a Recruiter until 2003, when he left to work for a national staffing company. Several years later, in 2009, he returned to the company as Vice President and Principal Recruiter. Tom returned because of his strong relationship with Brad and his experience of working for a company that is so committed to its employees. In his position, Tom manages the office staff and reviews all new positions and assigns them to specific Recruiters.

As a fitness enthusiast, Tom's free time is spent working out and training. He has run twenty-five marathons, and his current fitness passion is CrossFit. As one of 15 siblings, Tom has no shortage of nieces and nephews, meaning any extra free time is spent with family and at family gatherings.

Colleen O'Neil, Senior Technical Recruiter

Colleen graduated from the University of Minnesota with a Speech Communications Degree and joined the company in 1997. For over 20 years she has developed lasting relationships with Minneapolis area engineering and architecture community members. She enjoys visiting with professionals about their roles and career goals than working to find better opportunities. Her primary focus areas include building architecture, structural engineering and interior design candidates for the Minneapolis area. In her free time, she enjoys running and spending time with her siblings, parents, and husband.

Terry Lindig, Senior Technical Recruiter

Terry joined PrimeStaff in 1998 and recently celebrated her 20th anniversary with us! She has connected exceptional candidates to leading employers in the Minneapolis area since. She has a strong passion for automation engineering and manufacturing recruiting including electrical engineers, controls engineers, panel builders and assemblers. She works to understand customer needs and listening closely to a candidates career goals. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and spending time with her family.

Jennifer Anderson, Senior Technical Recruiter

Jennifer graduated from the University of Minnesota-Morris with an Elementary Education degree. She worked in successful roles in college admissions and corporate recruiting before joining PrimeStaff in 1999. She has worked with the company for over 17 years focusing on building mechanical and electrical engineering and manufacturing roles. She enjoys working with local manufacturing and engineering services companies to quickly identify hidden candidates. She enjoys getting to know engineering candidates and learning what makes them unique. In her spare time, she enjoys podcasts, reading and being with her husband and twin teenage boys.

Haley Behrens, Senior Technical Recruiter

Haley has fifteen years of experience in the staffing and recruiting industry, specializing in senior - to executive-level direct hire engineering and manufacturing positions. She is able to attract the most desirable and difficult-to-find executives, including those who are not actively seeking employment. Her creative approach to recruiting, large network of available contacts, well-regarded position within the industry and thorough knowledge of the essential skills required in engineering and technical positions, make Haley an invaluable asset to any recruiting effort.

The Northfield, Minnesota native enjoys camping, and spending time with her two young children, Brecken and Delainey and her husband, Matt. Something unique about Haley? She is an identical twin who was born—along with her sister—at only 25 wks!

Katty Peterson, Business Administrator

Katty studied Business Administration at Pine Technical College and joined PrimeStaff in 2012. She is responsible for employee onboarding and payroll, office management, special projects, accounting and financial report creation. She has a passion for quickly resolving employee and customer issues and making their experience with us very positive. She enjoys working with numbers and complex financial information. In her free time, Katty spends time with her young children, Dakota and Cameron, her fiancé, and extended family.

Tessa Wolff, Account Executive

Tessa graduated from Gustavus Adolphus College with a Sociology Degree. She began her career in Recruiting and Marketing roles for companies in the Austin, Texas and San Francisco, California area before returning home to Minneapolis. She joined PrimeStaff in 2013 as an Account Manager and is committed to further developing long-term relationships and foster new customers. She enjoys engaging with technical managers and decision-makers and guiding them through the hiring process. When not in the office, she spends as much time as possible with her daughters Priya and Louise and her husband Charlie. She is also a CrossFit Coach and enjoys any active outdoor activity.

Tyson Fulton, Technical Recruiter

Tyson graduated from St. John’s University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Global Business Leadership where he played varsity hockey. After graduation, he worked for an industrial staffing company before joining Konik PrimeStaff as a Technical Recruiter. As a Technical Recruiter with Konik PrimeStaff, Tyson is responsible for identifying superior candidates in engineering, architecture, and manufacturing. Tyson enjoys helping candidates and managers solve their problems to create win-win outcomes. Finding an excited candidate for a hard-to-fill role is something he really enjoys.

In his free time, Tyson is an Assistant Coach for Centennial Bantam AA hockey. He also enjoys health and fitness and spending time with family and friends.

Sam Rima, Senior Technical Recruiter

Sam graduated from Bethel University with a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science. He started his career off as a Recruiting Associate with YouthWorks, a non-profit organization based in Minneapolis, where he worked for about three years. As a Senior Technical Recruiter with Konik PrimeStaff, Sam enjoys connecting with candidates to fully understand their employment situation, specific qualifications, and future career goals. This allows him to support our technical clients as they seek to find the most fitting person for their organizations.

In his free time, Sam enjoys spending time cooking and exploring new places with his wife, Sarah and daughter, Riley. He likes pretty much every sport there is and also enjoys reading, exercising, and learning new things.

Trisha Evans, Account Executive

Trisha brings over 10 years of recruiting, staffing and customer service experience to Konik PrimeStaff. In her Business Development Associate role, Trisha mixes her love of building authentic relationships with providing solutions to our customers. She is a firm believer in hard work, lasting relationships and that a good laugh can totally change the course of the day.

Trisha is very involved in her community and enjoys planning community events. In her free time, Trisha enjoys traveling as much as possible, playing piano, spending time with her husband Tory and son Laurin, and walking her two German Shepherds, Denali and Breckenridge.

Jesse Becker, Account Executive

Jesse Becker joined Konik PrimeStaff in May of 2017 as a Business Development Manager after spending six years in a customer solutions capacity with a global rapid prototype manufacturing company. In this role, he built relationships and solved problems for Automotive, Consumer Electronics, and Machinery customers.

Prior to Jesse's professional career, he attended the University of South Dakota where he received a BS Degree in Economics and was a 3-year captain on the men's basketball team. Following graduation, Jesse pursued a professional career in basketball but after some time realized that he wanted to take his career in a different direction.

Jesse's goal at Konik PrimeStaff is to develop long-term, strategic relationships with hiring decision-makers while carrying on the legacy, vision, and reputation that has separated Konik PrimeStaff from the rest of the field for the last 40+ years.

Jesse and his wife, Brittany, live in Osseo, MN with their daughter, Sawyer. Jesse enjoys working out, performing with his band Maiden Dixie, spending time with his girls and enjoying Minnesota summers!

Aaron Nosich, Technical Sourcing Specialist

Aaron graduated from Campbellsville University with a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science and Pastoral Ministries. He started his career as a Recruiting Associate with YouthWorks, a non-profit organization based in Minneapolis, where he worked for a year after graduating. As a Technical Sourcing Specialist with Konik PrimeStaff, Aaron enjoys connecting with candidates and learning more about their backgrounds and finding great opportunities with our customers.

Aaron, originally from Kentucky, enjoys his spare time exploring Minnesota through the many parks, lakes, and small cities. He also enjoys going to movies, coffeeshops, and reading.